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When looking for a chiropractor in Oklahoma City, you want an experienced chiropractor who has provided effective results. Our careful techniques at Prince Chiropractic Wellness Center in Oklahoma City, OK will give you the best chance at improving your condition & health.

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In Oklahoma City, many people believe chiropractic treatment is only meant to relieve pain in the neck and back areas. Chiropractic treatment is really for treating many issues, not just the neck and back. D.D Palmer, the founder of chiropractic treatment, performed the first spinal adjustment in order for a man to regain his hearing! The adjustment reduced irritation in the man’s nerves which allowed him to hear once again. When D.D Palmer noticed the greatness of chiropractic care, he made it his mission to spread chiropractic care around the world.

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I know the pain that ruins relationships and job opportunities. In 2001 Air Force and civilian physicians told me I needed shoulder surgery. The pain was waking me up at night and my doctor ordered an MRI. The MRI showed impingement and they wanted to remove a portion of my collar bone (clavicle) after physical therapy and medication didn’t help. I was grumpy and wasn’t sleeping. Work was becoming difficult and I was looking for relief but didn’t want risky surgery. I didn’t know where to go for help. I stopped exercising and I was losing hope until a friend told me about a natural healing method called Gonstead Chiropractic. Our clinic can help you by performing minor adjustments that act as a tune-up for your body to run efficiently and healthy every day.

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Gentle and precise adjustments are the main works of a chiropractor. These adjustments should realign the spine, resulting in fully functioning muscle tissue and neurological pathways. A correctly aligned spine is the start a restoration of health and pain relief because there is no blockage in communication of nerves throughout the body.

If you want a chiropractic team you can trust 100 percent, then look to us at Prince Chiropractic Wellness Center. Don’t hesitate to contact our team in Oklahoma City for any questions you may have. Your health is our main objective.


Spinal ligament injuries occur after trauma and result in “structural shifts” or “misalignments” also known as subluxations. Subluxations can be silent but often cause pain, worry, loss of enjoyment, strained relationships, and diminished work and sports performance. You shouldn’t have to settle for treating symptoms. Find the cause.

Relief, a better night’s sleep, Improved mood and concentration, and decreased dependency on medication. Undiagnosed and untreated problems get worse over time. Delaying treatment for muscle and joint problems can lead to degenerative arthritis, poor mobility, and decreased independence as we age. Become the fully engaged parent, loving spouse, and productive team member you were meant to be. Call Now!

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