What to Expect in Oklahoma City

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Have you considered chiropractic care in Oklahoma City? Our experienced team is ready to help you find relief! Here are some of the things you can expect while visiting our clinic. Stop watching YouTube and schedule your initial consultation to see if we can help. Call (405) 757-2079 today.

What to Expect during your Chiropractic visit in Oklahoma City

5 Part Exam: want to learn about our detailed exam?

  • Detailed Exam: immediately following the completion and review of your intake paperwork we’ll begin our 5-Part exam.
  • Part 1: is an interview where we ask questions about which movements and activities are difficult to perform. This helps us understand which joints or regions are involved.
  • Part 2: we observe things like gait (how you walk), your posture, movement, muscle and skin tone, texture, and appearance.
  • Part 3: we assess active, passive, and resisted range of motion and occasionally orthopedic and neurological tests.
  • Part 4: we use thermography to measure heat along your spine. Heat suggests local tissue inflammation. We confirm by palpating or touching the areas looking for edema and tenderness. Learn more about thermography here…
  • Part 5: we measure structural alignment through weight-bearing digital X-rays and computer software.

3 Part Plan: After your consultation and exam in Oklahoma City, we’ll create your customized three-part plan. Every patient's case is different.


We provide affordable and effective care you’re grandmother would enjoy. We help children, families, and athletes return to activity without large upfront payments or long-term treatment plans. We accept most major medical insurances including car insurance. If you’ve been involved in a car accident click here

If you have insurance you’d like us to verify click or call. We’ll call your insurance so you don’t have to and give you a summary of your benefits and estimated charges.

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