Standard Process Helps Fill Nutrient Gaps

Standard Process

Up to 50% of the Nutrient Value of Your Food May be
Lost from the Start

Despite what you hear from the dietetic and medical associations, it is difficult to consume adequate amounts of antioxidants from foods alone. There are many variables that come into play when assessing nutrients in foods. For example, how are the foods grown? Under what conditions are they grown? When and how are they harvested? What is the condition of the soil, and is the plant at maturity at time of harvest? How is it transported and stored? What pesticides and residues may be present on and in the food? How are foods prepared and cooked? How are they stored? Does the person eating the food have an intact and optimal functioning digestive system? Can the person absorb at the appropriate level? Are there any medication/drug interactions that could interfere with nutrient absorption or utilization? Does the person have a higher need for nutrients?

Some estimates report the nutrient value lost at over 50%!  This is largely the result of conventional farming methods that rely heavily on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which deplete the soil of nutrients… nutrients that must be absorbed by plants in order to be passed on to you. And it does not necessarily end there.

In many cases, it’s likely you unknowingly further deplete the nutrients in your food — just by the way you prepare it. For most food, cooking it will seriously impair its nutritional value. So, realizing that you cannot always obtain the whole unprocessed foods you need — and knowing how easy it is for valuable nutrients to be destroyed — you now know why I believe adding a good multivitamin to complement your diet is a sound move.  Start with Catalyn from Standard Process.