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Nutritional Counseling begins with understanding what foods you’re currently consuming.  We provide new patients with a form called a Daily Record of Food Intake so that you can track what you’re eating over the course of a week.  If you use an online tracker or app you can email or print this information instead of using our forms. Click on the link above to download this form. Please fill out all forms and return them to our office prior to your first visit. Plan for one (1) hour during your initial nutritional consultation. Follow-up nutritional counseling appointments are approximately 30 minutes.

Symptom Survey

To help track your progress we use the System Survey. Please fill this form out in addition to the Daily Record of Food Intake and return before your first appointment. These two documents along with past medical history and blood test will allow your doctor to better serve you during your initial nutritional counseling session.

Toxicity Questionnaire

The final form we ask that you fill out prior to your first nutritional consultation is the Toxicity Questionnaire. Click on the link to download and fill out before your first visit.  This form helps determine your toxic load and environmental sensitivities.  Whether you’re looking to support your immune system, improve bone health through nutrition or discover a way of eating that’s right for your body we can help.


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your Nutritional Consultation.

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