Functional Movement System - Prince Chiropractic Wellness CenterEvery year thousands of gym memberships are started and subsequently cancelled due to injury or re-injury.  Exercise is is obviously beneficial so why so many injuries with activity? For years patients asked me what exercises would strengthen or prevent their problem from returning.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good answer until I stumbled across Functional Movement Systems.  The goals of functional movement are to avoid painful movements, regain normal motion and symmetry and finally hopefully reduce the risk of injury and relapse.  Let us help by crafting a customized program of corrective exercises designed just for you.

Consider this: the Science of Sports Medicine has identified four contributing factors to injury/re-injury and the eventual doctor visits for muscle and joint pain.

Injury Risk Factors:

  1. past injury
  2. asymmetry
  3. balance
  4. body mass index or BMI.

You’ll notice that being overweight is a contributing factor, however, it ranks number four. Many doctors and patients are quick to blame weight for their joint problems.  While that’s certainly a contributing factor the noted improvement in joint pain with weight loss is likely due to removing pro-inflammatory foods that cause break down of joint tissue more than than the reduction of bio-mechanical stress associated with increased weight. Do you have Weight Loss goals? We can help.

Do you want to exercise without pain? We can help there too. That’s why we follow an amazingly simple program called Functional Movement Systems. This is the same program many professional sports teams and colleges use to keep their athletes in top shape and injury free. But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from functional movement!

We have created a video below that explains the three parts to our system and how we use it in our office to create a plan that’s right for you. Don’t worry, it’s not a boot camp and we won’t have you running on a treadmill.  Once we’ve laid the foundation for proper motion with functional movement you can return to activities like running without pain . For years I thought that if people simply started moving they would actually move well. What I’ve since learned is that we need to help you first move well so you can move often. Give us a call today to see if functional movement is right for you.


Foam Rolling – Lower Body

Every exercise routine should begin with a warm-up. Watch the video below to learn how foam rolling can help eliminate muscle pain, improve performance and reduce asymmetries from tight muscles. Check out our YouTube channel for more home care exercises.

Foam Rolling – Upper Body

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Watch the video above to learn about Functional Movement.

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