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Watch the video above to learn about Functional Movement.

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Hi I’m Dr Daniel Prince, director of sports operations here at the wellness center. Today I’m going to introduce you to functional movement systems. But before we begin I want to make one thing very clear. If you have pain with movement DO NOT seek an exercise solution to a medical problem. Talk to your doctor. Next I want to tell you what this video is not about. It’s not about getting rock hard abs in 6 minutes a day or getting into the best shape of your life in as little as 90 days. At the heart of this program is the desire to help you move well and without pain so you can get back in the game and start enjoying life again. There are three programs that comprise the functional movement system. (1) selective functional movement assessment or (SFMA). We use this in our office to rank and grade movement and it helps guide our therapeutic exercise recommendations for people that have pain with movement. (2) Functional Movement Screen or (FMS). We use this screening tool to rank and grade movement in pain-free populations like athletes. Attention: Coaches, parents and teams. We provide pre and postseason screenings to identify potential injury risks. Finally (3) is called the Y-balance test. We use this to screen for chronic ankle instability, ACL injury risk and to determine safe return to play criteria. Today you’re going to see Liz perform the 7 movements associated with the SFMA. We’ll record your performance in our office or at the team’s practice facility. Then you and I will sit down and review your video together. I’ll create a program of exercise that is designed to restore symmetry to your movements and avoid any painful movements. Every four weeks we’ll do another video until you can perform all movements well and without pain.

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