Juicing with Claire Ragozzino

Last month our guest speaker, Claire Ragozzino, offered some very valuable tips during her juicing workshop. Here are a few I am happy to pass along!


My wife and I enjoy juicing occasionally and I even did it twice a day every day for six months straight. But that was before kids.  Whether you’re new to juicing or a returning veteran I think you’ll want to pay attention.

Rule #1 – Go Green  – Claire suggests using a 3:1 Veggie to Fruit ratio.  I think adhering to the 3:1 ratio and choosing your food and juice choices based on the Glycemic Index (GI) is wise.  Claire suggested juicing greens along with lemons, limes, herbs and essential oils for those suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  Look out for her new e-book coming soon. You’ll find it on her website at vidyacleanse.com

Rule #2 – Choose Your Machine – Now that you know juicing greens and fruits together is ideal you’ll need to select a juicer to do the work. Claire gave several examples of juicers. The most budget friendly models were the Breville centrifugal models for around $150 and the masticating and hybrids from Omega for  around $290.  Personally, I’ve used a centrifugal juicer from Jack Lalanne for the last several years. I paid $100 and a quick search online revealed that you can still buy them for $100 – $150.

Things to consider when juicing:

  1. Clean your veggies first. Fill your sink with water add ¼ cup of Braggs apple cider vinegar and manually wash your veggies to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Consider juicing organic fruits and veggies by shopping for the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”. Here’s a link to more information from the Environmental Working Group.
  3. When juicing herbs and leaf vegetables try wrapping them around other foods to help pass them through the juicer.
  4. Listen to your body. Some people won’t enjoy certain juices or combinations. Avoid night-shade vegetables like tomatoes and eggplant (good luck juicing an eggplant!) as they can tend to cause flare-ups in arthritis sufferers.
  5. Go for it! Pick three veggies and one fruit and juice it.

If you totally botch a batch Claire recommends keeping half of it to serve as your base for the next batch. That way you don’t waste it. Try to sweeten it by adding an apple or juicing some root vegetables like carrots or beets.  People who have diabetes should avoid high glycemic fruits and vegetables and talk to their doctor.  As with all programs, talk to your doctor before beginning a diet or exercise program. People who are pregnant, trying to conceive, nursing or taking medications including blood thinners should talk to their doctor.

Claire even warns that performing a juice cleanse for a long period of time is ill-advised.  She recommends short duration programs.  Use good judgment and ask for help. If you have more questions email me or contact Claire through her website.

Every quarter we conduct free workshops to help you in your walk to wellness or road to recovery. No matter where you find yourself in the health continuum – we’re here to help! We’re passionate about being your resource for health and wellness information. Our vision is to create Healthy Oklahoma Families Through Wellness Education.


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Daniel J Prince DC CCEP